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Vendor Information
Business Name ClickCare, LLC, DBA ClickCare, LLC
Owner Ms. Cheryl B. Kerr, MD
Map This Address
78 Horan Road
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone 800-814-5840
Fax 800-999-9999

Certification Information
Certifying Agency New York State
Certification Type WBE - Women Business Enterprise
Certification Date 7/14/2016
Certified Business Description ClickCare, LLC presents a SaaS, cloud-based platform which empowers any number of healthcare workers to collaborate efficiently and securely.
This platform, called iClickCare®, allows a chat-like conversation while referring to video clips, photographs and documents, over a browser. Your natural networks are included, as well as on-call coverage. Mobile devices can be used, and the information can be collected, even in low/no connectivity environments. iClickCare is also referred to as Hybrid Store-and-Forward® telemedicine.

Two Components: iClickCare is a SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud-based application with two components. iClickCare for the Web is the full application component running in a standard modern browser. iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad is the mobile app component, and a subset of iClickCare for the Web. The core functionality, and security is the same for both.

Commodity Codes
Code Description
NIGP 92005Application, Infrastructure, Hosting and Cloud Computing Services, Vendor Hosted and Internally Hosted
NIGP 94843Health Information Services
NIGP 94887Telemedical Professional Services
NIGP 95856Health Care Management Services, Including Managed Care Services

Additional Information
Work Districts/Regions All work districts/regions
Industry Services Consultants
Business Size Less than $100,000
General Location Upstate New York
Location Southern Tier

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