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Outreach & Program Notices

News and information related to the program is posted frequently. Click the View link for any listing to see more information.

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Active Listings
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Subject Date Posted Due Date View
NYS Department of Labor: Request for Quotes for REQ#14159 Recording of Telephone Service Prompts
Department of Labor
NY Contact Tracing and NY Forward Loan Fund
New York State
NYS Department of Labor: Request for Outreach Table Skirts (SFS 14148)
Department of Labor
Bridge Authority
MWBE BID OPPORTUNITY: Workspace Advance Cloud SAAS subscription - New York Convention Center Operating Corp.
New York State
MWBE BID OPPORTUNITY: New Parking Lot at 122 Industrial Road Albany (to include current building demolition)
New York State
MWBE BID OPPORTUNITY: Collect/Dispose of Surplus Equipment & Furniture
New York State
MWBE BID OPPORTUNITY: Seneca Hall Vestibule Remodel
New York State
NYS Contact Tracing Initiative
New York State
MWDBE/SDVOB COVID-19 Contractor Toolkit
New York State
GROW-NY Food and Agriculture Innovation Competition! - Application Deadline: 7/15/20!
New York State
RFP for Special Purpose Local Administrators for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
Housing Finance Agency
OGS Potential Projects with an associated Project Labor Agreement
Office of General Services
MWBE BID OPPORTUNITY: Concept and Schematic Designs for The Riverline, Buffalo, NY
New York State

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