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System & Project Information

New York State is working harder than ever to make it easier to do business. The New York State Contract System (NYSCS), a new easy to use web based portal, is the gateway to online Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) certification and provides streamlined access to contracting opportunities. For the State's agencies and authorities, NYSCS provides a comprehensive online system to track and report on procurement contracts and expenditures with MWBE firms.

Main Modules & Features

Specific features of the New York State Contract System include modules for MWBE Certification, Utilization Reporting, Goal Plan Management, Contract Compliance, Outreach and Bid & Grant Opportunities.

The benefits of NYSCS include:

NYSCS Participation

Agencies and authorities subject to 15-A are expected to use the NYSCS system. The primary users of the system will be MWBE liaisons, procurement officers and others as determined by agencies and authorities.

User Accounts

To request an account in the system email your ESD Analyst with the following information:

The user will receive an email with a temporary password once the request is processed.

Utilization Reporting & Goal Plans

Beginning in Quarter 3 FY12-13, utilization reporting and goal plan submission will be done through the NYSCS.

The prior MWBE Utilization Database is no longer available. The options for reporting utilization numbers through NYSCS are:

Contract Compliance

ESD is encouraging all agencies and authorities who can use the Contract Compliance module to do so. The Contract Compliance module increases transparency by allowing prime contractors to report payments to their MWBE subcontractors online and have those payments confirmed by the subcontractors directly. Benefits of Contract Compliance module:

For more information on Contract Compliance contact your ESD Analyst.


If you were unable to attend the training sessions held in December 2012, video links of the trainings are posted here. More trainings and webinars will be scheduled throughout the year.

User Guides

The user guides provide detailed instructions and can be found on the system. To access the most current user guides log in to your account and on the left hand side under Help & Support click on the user manual link.

The user manuals can also be downloaded here:

Other Guides


If you have any questions customer support for the NYS Contract System is readily available from the Help Desk, by emailing ny@newnycontracts.com or calling 212-803-2414.

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