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New York State http://www.ny.gov/services/apply-mwbe-certification-new-york-state About the MWBE Program New York State Contract System About New York State is working harder than ever to make this state the gateway to attract and grow Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs).

The New York State Contract System (“NYSCS”) enables users to apply for NYS MWBE certification, search for NYS MWBE certified firms, and easily interact with our State agencies and authorities.

MWBE Certification Apply for NYS MWBE certification or recertification in New York State, or update your vendor profile. Certify or Recertify with New York True Update your Profile True NYS Directory of Certified Firms Search the NYS MWBE Directory of Certified Firms. Search the Directory True NYS Bid and Grant Opportunities Find contracting opportunities in New York State. True NYS Program Notices and Trainings Find and register for upcoming MWBE events, trainings, webinars and program related notices. Find Outreach and Support True MWBE Program Announcement

The New York State Department of Economic Development has extended the certification period from three (3) to five (5) years for all currently certified NYS MWBEs. To obtain your updated MWBE Certificate and Approval Letter log into your account with your username and password.

MWBE Program Information and Resources Find additional information and resources through Empire State Development and the Division of Minority and Women’s Development (DMWBD). Learn More True True Account Access Lookup Vendor accounts or reset user passwords Vendor Account Lookup True Forgot Password True System Training Learn how to fully utilize our system with a live trainer Training True Upcoming Events View our upcoming events Events True

It has come to our attention that some New York State Contract System users have received emails claiming to be sent directly from Empire State Development (“ESD”) or the Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (“DMWBD”). One such email stated that “[a] secure verification link below will expire after 24 hours, and if we did not receive your verification / update before the link expire, we will have to revoke your license.” Be advised that neither ESD nor DMWBD sent that email.

That email and similar ones are cyber-attacks known as “phishing.” Phishing emails are messages designed to trick you into visiting malicious sites or downloading malware used to steal data and damage networks. Be cautious and note that emails from ESD and the DMWBD will include an email address of @esd.ny.gov or @newnycontracts.com. DMWBD will never request any information such as your passwords or credit card information via email or request users to update their accounts with a deadline of 24 hours or less. Additionally, DMWBD does not refer to your certification as a license.

If you suspect that you have receive a suspicious email from DMWBD, please delete the email. If you have clicked on any links or provided any account information, call our Customer Care at (212) 803-2414 for any assistance you may require. Our helpful representatives are here to assist you. To offer further protection for its users, the NYSCS offers two-factor authentication for its users.

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